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IronJS is now faster than IE8

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We just hit a pretty major milestone in the dev branch of IronJS: We’ve surpassed IE8 in performance. I’ll try to keep this short and get straight to the point (the benchmarks), here is IronJS side-by-side to IE8, Jurassic and Jint (two other .NET based JavaScript runtimes).

Note the Jint failed on several tests and those have a zero as result. Click on the image for full size.

Sunspider 0.9.1

We’ve still got a long way to go until we reach our goal (within 300% of V8), but it’s looking good so far!

Update: Here’s the total test score also


Written by Fredrik Holmström

April 25, 2011 at 12:42 am

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IronJS 0.2 is out

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IronJS 0.2

IronJS is an ECMAScript 3.0 implementation built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime from Microsoft which allows you to embed a javascript runtime into your .NET applications.

Thanks to

  • John Gietzen for all his work on ECMA3 conformance whom without this would not have been possible
  • Christian Knutsson for the awesome logo


  • ECMA3 Conformance
  • Added 5,500 ECMA3 conformance tests with over 30,000 assertions
  • Major API refactoring moving all Module/Functions located in Api.fs to their appropiate classes in Core.fs instead
  • Re-implemented the AST analyzer to make it single pass
  • Re-implemented variable handling allowing for faster and easier compilation
  • Removed the dependancy of Microsoft.Dynamic.dll for CLR4 projects
  • Removed dependancy on FSKit
  • Implemented the Date object
  • Implemented the RegExp object
  • Implemented missing functionality on String.prototype (match, split, search, replace)
  • Implemented F# operators ? and ?
  • Implemented F# operators for all common binary DLR expressions
  • Implemented a Sputnik test suite runner, courtesy of John Gietzen
  • Implemented a proper REPL console, available in the aptly named “REPL” project.
  • Implemented dynamic invoke operators for calling IronJS functions with an unknown amount of arguments
  • Implemented a new F# based lexer and parser which allows IronJS to drop the dependencies on Xebic.ES3.dll and Antlr.Runtime.dll
  • Cleaned up and removed a lot of old/redundant code
  • Renamed ObjectClass to “Schema” and split out the dynamic functionallity into it’s own DynamicSchema class
  • Replaced the FunctionCompiler class with an F# function with the signature IronJS.FunctionObject -> System.Type -> #Delegate
  • A lot of smaller improvements to code stability and readability
  • Added debug constructs in big parts of the codebase that only gets compiled when the DEBUG flag is set
  • Refactored several constructors in the IronJS.Ast.Tree union to be more obvious
  • Unified error handling, so it all passes through IronJS.Error and its members




Written by Fredrik Holmström

April 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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